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I’m a UK Wedding Photographer based in Sussex, and I describe my photography style as organic ― just catching your day as it really happens

I also have an “on purpose” approach ― where I get to know you and you I, so come your day, I am Tim, instead of just the photographer ― or Timtographer as I was once called

Here are some images which define my style. I shoot so you can look back and relive your day. I don’t shoot to win awards or get featured on blogs, my passion is your story.

Hello, I’m Tim

How about looking at some Weddings?

Please take a look through a selection of photos from some of my favourite stories of the past year

Brighton Wedding Photography

Victoria + Chris

British Airways i360

Hellingly Wedding Photography

Olivia + Andy

Blackstock Country Estate

Pulborough Wedding Photography

Georgia + Dougie

Fitzleroi Barn

Shoreham by Sea Wedding Photography

Hannah + Rory

St Mary de Haura Church

Lewes Wedding Photography

Harriet + Luke

Rodmell Cricket Club

Brighton Wedding Photography

Tamara + Chris

Duke of York’s Picturehouse

Joelle & Nicole | Tim Lander Naomi & James | Tim Lander Erin & Oleg | Tim Lander

Brighton Wedding Photography

Joelle + Nicole

Pangdean Old Barn

London Wedding Photography

Naomi + James

Pembroke Lodge Richmond Park

Arundel Wedding Photography

Erin + Oleg

Sefton Place Sussex Heritage Centre


“A photographer must possess and retain the receptive faculties of a child who watches the world for the first time.” ― Bill Brandt

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